ChainGPT is an AI platform that combines blockchain and AI for crypto and blockchain solutions.


Pluto is an AI-powered investing tool that provides personalized insights and real-time data for informed investment decisions.


AlphaWatch AI provides AI and LLM solutions for finance, including a chatbot for quick data retrieval.


Chatmasters is an AI-powered bot-assistant that helps businesses cut costs and improve customer service.

H2O AI is an AI cloud platform with various solutions for accurate and fast models and applications.

Wallet AI is an AI tool that analyzes financial behavior to help make informed decisions.


Paymefi is an AI-powered debt collection tool that recovers money faster and at a lower cost.

Booke AI

Book AI automates bookkeeping tasks, improves communication, and offers OCR and audit insights.


Greip is an AI-based fraud prevention service detecting payment fraud, VPN/proxy use, and IP geolocation.

Stockstack is an AI tool for investors to track investments, get market news, and stock performance.


FinNLP offers a platform for LLM and NLP enthusiasts to explore finance-related training and finetuning.


GrantBoost is an AI-powered grant writing tool that helps non-profits secure funding easily.

Stonks GPT

Stonks News offers news, charts, and insider information on top stocks for informed investing.

Frex is an AI tool for effortless financial analysis, providing precise information from SEC filings.

Monarch money

Monarch AI Assistant is an app that helps users with personalized financial advice and insights.


Chôra is an AI-driven investment tool that simplifies web3 investing with enhanced security features.


Reconcile is a tax filing solution that securely connects with banks and financial institutions.

CoinFeeds is an AI-powered platform that consolidates crypto information, providing enhanced decision-making power for businesses and investors.

Atlas Navi

Atlas Navi is an AI navigation app using machine learning and blockchain for improved routing and traffic updates.

Receipt AI

Receipt-AI is an advanced tool that saves time by managing receipts for businesses.