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AI Tools For Your Everyday Use

AI platform streamlines workflows, boosts productivity, and solves complex challenges, enabling users to achieve more efficiently.

Fermi – Summarise Reviews on MakeMyTrip

Fermi is an AI assistant that summarizes customer reviews on hotel pages.

Must Ai Generator

AI Generator is a powerful multitool that enables users to write, chat, design, code, and more.

Remagine AI

Remagine AI is an AI co-pilot for marketing, providing 200+ templates to create content quickly.

Top GTPs App

Top GPTs is a curated hub for finding the best OpenAI GPT apps in various categories.


FlexiBook app allows flexible check-in and check-out times, making travel more convenient for guests.

GPTs Works

GPTs Works is a store with 6000+ third-party GPTs, a website, and browser extension.


Save money, create AI character, take photos in famous spots, try different styles from home.


Strollr offers AI walking tours for exploring cities and attractions.

AI-powered platform helps plan personalized trips for travelers.

Wander – Explore Together

Wander connects travelers with similar plans to find companions for trips.

Airport Pianos

Airport Pianos helps airports acquire pianos through donations by providing resources for piano donors.


RideAI uses AI to transform ride-hailing industry.


Discover aircraft, liveries, canceled flights, and more with airgeek, the ultimate toolbox for aviation enthusiasts.


Newoaks AI uses AI and machine learning for data analysis and automation solutions.


Lint is a free ebook service with curated chapters for readers to explore and share.

Triplay is an AI travel planner that helps users create unique and exciting travel experiences.

SafeWaters.AI app predicts shark attack risk using AI and historical attack and weather data.


Discover and analyze your ideal travel destination through thorough comparison.

Explorerg – Discover, Plan Your Journeys

Explorerg: Discover, plan, and explore journeys with personalized itineraries, travel tips, and enhanced features.