Smart Pineapple

Tailored AI-powered tools transforming boutique hotels and vacartion rentals to boost bookings and guest experiences.


Save money, create AI character, take photos in famous spots, try different styles from home.


Strollr offers AI walking tours for exploring cities and attractions.

AI-powered platform helps plan personalized trips for travelers.

Fermi – Summarise Reviews on MakeMyTrip

Fermi is an AI assistant that summarizes customer reviews on hotel pages.

Remagine AI

Remagine AI is an AI co-pilot for marketing, providing 200+ templates to create content quickly.

Top GTPs App

Top GPTs is a curated hub for finding the best OpenAI GPT apps in various categories.


FlexiBook app allows flexible check-in and check-out times, making travel more convenient for guests.

Tripper Guide

Tripper: the ultimate travel guide for personalized recommendations and unforgettable adventures. Start exploring now!


Explorerg: Discover, plan, and explore journeys with personalized itineraries, travel tips, and enhanced features.


TripZi is a Chrome Extension for browsing, extracting, linking, and saving locations to profiles.

HomeToGo AI Mode

Get personalized accommodation recommendations based on your trip or home preferences on our website.


Tripsie is an AI travel chat providing personalized travel options and affordable flights.

Hey, I’m Buddy

Hey Buddy is a website and personal assistant for achieving dreams and goals.


TravelGPT is an AI platform for easy vacation planning, finding destinations, and creating personalized itineraries.

Her Trip Planner

AI-powered Trip Planner for women adventurers simplifies planning, prioritizes safety, and creates unforgettable experiences.


Triipper is an AI travel planner that creates personalized itineraries based on user preferences.

nava ai

Nava (Beta) is an AI friend simplifying immigration by answering questions and easing immigrants’ lives.

Wander – Explore Together

Wander connects travelers with similar plans to find companions for trips.

Airport Pianos

Airport Pianos helps airports acquire pianos through donations by providing resources for piano donors.