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Open Interpreter

Open Interpreter is an offline AI tool that executes code and offers a user-friendly interface.


Llmonitor is an AI tool that tracks requests, monitors user activity, and optimizes chatbots.


The AI tool is optimized for serverless environments, offering fast performance and compact module size.


Pixelfy AI creates high-quality pixel art with AI models, customizable features, and a prompt builder.


dify is an AI tool for creating and operating AI-native applications based on GPT-4 models.


MiniGPT-4 is an AI model that improves vision and language understanding using large language models.


ComfyUI on GitHub is a feature-rich GUI for designing and running diffusion pipelines easily.

Stable Animation

Stability AI’s Stable Animation SDK is a powerful tool for developers, enabling text-to-animation conversion.


TavernAI is an immersive chat adventure compatible with various platforms, offering unique AI companions.


Shap-e by OpenAI is a Python tool for creating 3D objects using text and images.

Steercode by LangChain

Steercode is an AI tool using LangChain to offer a chat AI assistant for code comprehension.


GPT Engineer is an open-source AI tool that allows users to customize code generation.


Cebra is a machine learning tool for compressing time series data and analyzing neural activity.


Liftoff is an AI-powered platform for technical interviews, offering diverse questions, solutions, and a collaborative community.


Convostack is an AI chatbot framework that easily adds customizable chatbots to websites.

Pezzo is an open-source AI toolkit for effective prompt design, collaboration, and troubleshooting.


Cyte is an AI-powered tool that helps users control screen time and manage digital memory.


Hachi is a software tool for easy video and image searching using natural language.


Xtur is an open-source AI tool for creating and managing personal LLMs easily.

Huggingface Spaces Semantic Search

Spaces Semantic Search is a tool for hugging face spaces, facilitating easy application discovery.