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An AI-infused tech resource offers learning routes and materials for various skill levels.


Teachermatic is an AI-powered platform for educators, offering tools for lesson planning and creating educational resources.


eSpark is an AI-based educational tool providing personalized math and reading instruction for K-5 students, aiding teachers and administrators.

Coursable is an AI-driven study assistant that generates personalized courses from online materials, facilitating self-paced learning.

AcademicHelp AI Writer

AcademicHelp AI Writer is a free tool that generates essays, organizes content, and produces citations, streamlining the academic process.

Tutor AI

Tutor AI helps individuals improve their spoken English skills through interactive conversations with AI characters, providing instant feedback.


Conker is an AI-powered tool that simplifies quiz creation, offering customization, accessibility features, and integration with popular educational platforms. is an AI-driven tool that creates personalized learning resources in over 60 languages.


Gliglish is an AI-powered language teacher that emphasizes pronunciation and offers multilingual support.


Conversly is a language learning app that uses AI technology to improve conversational abilities.

Story multiplier

Great Books Homeschool offers an AI tool, “Story Multiplier”, that generates personalized, child-friendly stories to make learning multiplication easy.

Coursebox is an AI tool that assists in creating, editing, and sharing courses, offering features such as automatic certificate issuance and more.

Interactive Mathematics

The AI math problem solver is an interactive tool that provides step-by-step solutions to diverse math problems, offers tutoring, and much more.


BrainBuzz is an AI tool that creates personalized quizzes from uploaded documents using advanced analysis and GPT technology.

Active Recall

Active Recall AI is a tool that generates quizzes and assignments from uploaded study material to aid exam preparation.


Steppit is an AI-powered platform for creating and selling online courses, offering various features and plans.

AI Why?

AI Why? is a free personal assistant app for iPhones that simplifies complex topics.


Cephadex AI is a personalized educational tool that transforms various inputs into customized learning materials, aiding teachers and students.


Video2Quiz is an AI tool that quickly generates quizzes from videos to enhance learning.


The whiteboard AI tool offers interactive learning features like summaries, flashcards, note-taking, and integration with platforms like Canva.