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Weird City

A Twilight Zone–style exploration of a dystopian metropolis in which the wealthy and the poor are kept completely apart by a wall.

Love, Death + Robots

Love, Death + Robots is a collection of animated short stories that span a variety of genres, including AI and robots.

Altered Carbon

A convicted killer resurrects in a new body and must solve a complex murder to earn his freedom in a near future where people’s minds can be digitally archived and accessed at any time.

Person of Interest

Through the use of a monitoring AI that notifies them of prospective crime victims’ names, a former CIA agent and a wealthy programmer are able to save many lives. 


A ‘Synth,’ a highly developed robotic servant that is so like to a genuine human, is revolutionizing everyday life in an alternate present.

Black Mirror

The anthology series Black Mirror delves into a dystopic technological universe where humanity’s brightest achievements and darkest impulses meet.


A world where every human want can be satisfied without repercussions is waiting at the crossroads of the not-too-distant future and the remade past.

Silicon Valley

The story of Silicon Valley centers on Richard Hendricks, a brilliant engineer who is struggling to build his own company, Pied Piper.

Mr. Robot

When Elliot, a cyber-security engineer and vigilante hacker, tries to bring down the corrupt organization he works for, he and his mysterious friends become crucial players in a worldwide fight for power.