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GoPDF is an online PDF editor offering a cloud-based and AI-powered editing experience through PDF editing tools.


Ideamap is an AI-powered visual brainstorming tool designed to elevate the creative process for teams.

Frame is a simple & unified suite of AI work apps, built for teams.


Recap: Open-source browser extension for easy webpage summarization using ChatGPT model, enhancing productivity and saving time.


Quivr: AI tool for storing and retrieving unstructured data, with speed, security, and customization options.


Talknotes is a powerful AI tool for converting voice memos into organized text notes, with additional features in Talknotes Plus.

Trickle AI

Trickle AI organizes screenshots chaos, uncovers hidden insights, and generates AI summaries for easy retrieval and management.


Yack: AI tool for easy ChatGPT access on macOS. Lightweight, customizable, secure, and upcoming features for improved efficiency.


Glimpse: AI chat assistant and browser extension revolutionizing browsing. Understands, answers, writes, and summarizes content. Adblock included.


Stackbear: no-code AI app builder for automating workflows, creating lead-magnets, and integrating with external services. Share or keep private.


Prompta: open-source chat client for conversation with GPT-4. Features include cross-device syncing and keyboard-focused functionality. Download from GitHub.


SupremePlans AI tool offers free AI-powered features for business plans, lesson plans, rap lyrics, marketing plans, travel plans, meal plans, and study schedules. It also provides tailored plans for gifted students and special education.


PDF AI saves time by extracting key points, providing explanations, and helping navigate through documents.


Pinbot is an AI-powered bookmark tool for Chrome that offers private bookmark management, search capabilities, and data privacy.


Straico: Consolidating top-tier generative AI models into one platform for an unparalleled user experience.

Scribbler: AI-powered tool for instant podcast and YouTube insights, summaries, search, subscriptions, and more. Enhances digital content consumption. AI copilot for apps/websites. ChatGPT-powered tool for writing, summarizing, translating, and more. Universal availability.


Kome is an AI-powered bookmark extension that summarizes articles, manages bookmarks, composes emails, extracts color palettes, and more.


Open-source MacOS app, Essential, analyzes screen content, provides fixes, stores screenshots, and respects privacy. Enhance productivity with powerful features. AI tool streamlines job applications. User-friendly interface, cover letter generation, auto-submit feature. Save time, optimize applications.