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Beehiiv is a relatively young platform that was founded in 2021 by ex-Google product manager Tyler Denk and two other men, Benjamin Hargett and Jacob Hurd. The creators of this platform state that making it simple to create, expand, and monetise a newsletter is their top priority.

Beehiiv is still in its infancy, yet it serves as a solid mailing platform with great promise for the future. Beehiiv is a lot more than just a mail service because it also allows users to build and monetize landing pages. Their affiliate program offers 50% for every payment for the first 12 months, making it a favorite place for affiliate marketers. Beehiiv has also entered the AI space with Beehiiv AI.

beehiiv AI is an AI platform made especially for newsletter publishers. It provides a set of AI technologies designed to facilitate and improve the content development procedure. With the help of the AI Writing Assistant, users can generate content by describing their ideas, choosing the desired tone and length, and writing compelling pieces.

Existing text can now be improved with the use of the AI Text Tools’ capabilities for auto-correction, auto-completion, tone alterations, and text regeneration. With the help of the AI Image Tools, anyone may create stunning photos just by expressing what they want to see.

Beehiiv AI also has an in-built AI Translator that can instantly translate text across several languages without leaving the editor.The software’s purpose is to help newsletter administrators work smarter, not harder, by increasing productivity and efficiency. Operators can use the AI-powered Writing Assistant to generate content automatically, while the Text Tools provide support for editing and updating current pieces.

The Translator and the Image Tools make it easier to write in several languages and use visuals in newsletters.Beehiiv AI’s founder, Shaan Puri, claims that the company stands apart from other platforms that offer AI features but fail to deliver by providing solutions that are effective, additive, and transformative.Overall, beehiiv AI provides a full suite of AI solutions suited to the requirements of newsletter operators, allowing for increased productivity, better content, and broader opportunities.


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