Slaitor is an AI translation assistant that offers step-by-step translation, explanations, and error correction.

Slang Translator

SlangThesaurus Translator helps users understand and interpret slang language and informal terms online.

ChatGPT Phantom

ChatGPT Phantom is an open-source AI tool that generates real-time custom content for media.

Docs GPT by Applai

Docsgpt is an AI tool for creating, editing, and proofreading content in Google Docs.


Codep is an AI tool that simplifies coding by providing various features instantly.

Text2sql is a free AI tool that quickly generates SQL queries, improving skills and saving time.

ChatGPT Buddy

ChatGPT Buddi is an AI assistant on WhatsApp that helps with various tasks, available 24/7.

Magic Mate

Magic Mate is an AI tool integrated with WhatsApp, offering smart assistance in various tasks.


AI tool TextUnbox extracts and prints handwritten text from images, supports multiple languages, and offers affordable pricing.


DupDub is an AI tool that converts text to realistic speech in multiple languages and accents, saving time and money.


Storya is an AI tool that promotes language diversity, connecting authors and readers worldwide.


AI tool with language-related features, GPT models, text completion, translation, and text generation. Customizable options.

Izwe is a platform that converts audio, video, and text data into local language captions and subtitles.


ai-pow is a free AI grammar checker that improves writing style and fluency in multiple languages.


Hive AI is a cloud-based tool that moderates content, generates media, and targets ads.

Machine Translation

AI aggregator analyzes and compares translation outputs from various sources, including Google Translate.

LingoSync offers seamless video translation into 40+ languages for global expansion and audience engagement.


AI tool aids translation and writing, detects errors, supports multiple languages, and enhances professionalism.


ChatGPT is an AI tool for coding that improves code quality and offers secure coding.

Gen Z Translator

Studio M64 is an AI tool offering services like GPT-64, AI SEO, and Gen Z translation to connect companies.