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Revolutionize email marketing with’s AI tools and vast B2B database.


Mailscribe is an AI-powered email marketing platform offering customization, automation, and optimization features for enhanced newsletter performance.


Rizemail summarizes your emails for free, ensuring privacy and saving you time wading through useless information.

The newsletter curates personalized content to engage and grow relationships with subscribers.


Mailberry is an AI-powered email marketing platform that simplifies email creation and sending, enhancing productivity.

Mail Sort

Mail Sort is an AI email sorter that forwards emails instantly based on company rules, increasing efficiency and improving customer experience.


Ellie is an AI that can write replies to your emails in your style.

Seventh Sense

This is an AI software that boosts your email marketing campaign’s open rates and clickthrough rates.


tinyEinstein creates email marketing for your Shopify Store.


SpamSpy is an AI-powered tool that detects and prevents spam emails using community-submitted data.

Zite is an AI tool that quickly generates and optimizes various sales content.

BaruaAI is an AI-powered email sequence generator that helps users create high-converting email sequences effortlessly.

Recruiting Emails AI by Dover

Dover is an AI-powered recruitment tool that automates candidate sourcing through personalized cold emails using GPT-3 technology.

Babs is an AI tool for scheduling, email management, and communication enhancement via WhatsApp and Telegram.

Smart Copy Everywhere

Smart Copi is an AI tool that quickly generates creative copy across various platforms.


Nurepli is a cold email software that optimizes campaigns and offers personalized automation.


Flowrit is an AI tool that generates unique messages, integrates with email and messaging tools, and saves time and money.


PowerDMARC is an AI-powered email authentication SaaS platform that protects organizations from cyber attacks.


Emogpt is a free AI-powered Chrome extension for Gmail, automating email writing and ensuring data privacy.

Tiny Magic

The Gmail GPT-4 Support Agent by Tiny Magic automates drafting responses to support requests, saving users time.