AI Tools Alternatives

Discover AI Tools Alternatives with our Chrome Browser Extension, offering a seamless way to explore, compare, and find AI tools.

Dash AI

Dash AI is a chrome extension with chatGPT access to any webpage, featuring prompt library, commands, text expander, and affordable pricing.


TalkBackAI: AI-powered browser extension generates personalized responses to customer reviews, saving time for businesses and improving satisfaction.


FeedbackAI is your personal AI English mentor, providing instant, advanced writing suggestions and rewrites.

AI web automation: Harpa replies on search engines, summarize, rewrite, monitor data, and convert websites into APIs.


FinalScout extracts valid emails from LinkedIn and crafts personalized emails using ChatGPT.

Eightify: AI Youtube Summary

Eightify helps you create instant AI summaries for YouTube videos.

Bardeen: Work Automater is a popular extension for AI productivity, automation, and web scraping that enables users to automate manual work with a single click. is an AI-powered code writing assistant designed specifically for data scientists.

Copymatic: AI Content Writer

Copymatic is a Chrome extension that utilizes AI to generate any type of content quickly and easily. By installing the extension, users can unlock the power of AI writing across the web and save time.

Axiom Browser Automation

Axiom is a no-code browser automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool, backed by Y Combinator and SAP.

Monica: ChatGPT Copilot

Monica is a ChatGPT-powered tool that can answer questions and write emails for users. This tool is compatible with all websites, making it a versatile solution for those who need quick assistance with their writing.


Merlin allows users to chat with an AI-powered virtual assistant powered by OpenAI’s GPT technology.

Magical: ChatGPT Writer

Magical is a free AI-powered text expander that can write messages for users, all powered by GPT4.


Wordtune is an AI-powered writing assistant that interprets your intent and offers suggestions to make your writing clearer, more captivating, and more genuine.

Tailwind: Marketing Assistant

With AI-powered technology, users can quickly generate copy and schedule posts to be published on both Pinterest and Instagram. This feature can streamline content creation and social media management, enabling users to save time and increase efficiency.

Breathing: Productivity & Mindfulness

Breathing Chrome Extension helps you with soothing background sounds, calming screen tints, movement, meditation and breathwork breaks.


With SpeechText, you can easily record your voice, grab audio from any website, and have your recordings automatically transcribed into text with near-human accuracy.

Conch AI

Conch is an AI writing assistant that helps you write 10x faster anywhere.

AI Content Detector: Copyleaks

Use Copyleaks’ AI Content Detector Chrome extension to determine whether or not a human authoress was responsible for a piece of material.