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Airgram is a GPT-4 powered AI meeting assistant that can record, transcribe, and summarize online meetings held on Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. Its GPT-4 powered meeting summary helps users easily identify key information. Airgram also integrates with productivity tools like Notion, Zapier, and Hubspot, making it easy to streamline workflows and improve collaboration.

Airgram allows you to focus on your meetings by providing features that record, transcribe, summarize, and share meeting conversations, ensuring you maximize the value of both internal and client-facing discussions. With Airgram, you can keep a permanent record of meetings for future reference, capturing important moments and easily scanning through recordings with timestamps.

The automatic transcription feature eliminates the need for extensive note-taking, allowing you to engage more actively in conversations. Additionally, Airgram enables you to create sharable video clips highlighting key parts of the meeting, enhancing communication efficiency. Collaboration becomes seamless as all meeting attendees can take notes, share comments, and assign tasks within the platform, promoting alignment and productivity.

Finally, Airgram supports effective meeting preparation by enabling the development and sharing of well-structured agendas, ensuring everyone is on the same page before the meeting even begins.


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