Verk is an AI platform that helps you boost your business by integrating AI employees into your workforce.


Autopia Labs automates agile workflows in Jira, saving time and improving project management.


Workhub is an AI-powered platform for team success, connecting and supporting on-site and remote teams.


Automate business processes with super.AI IDP, turning unstructured data into AI applications.


Xureal is a leading metaverse platform using AI for effective sales training and enablement.


Bright Pen is an AI tool suite empowering content creators with AI Writer Assist, AI Narrator, and AI Art for seamless document creation and storytelling.


Released AI generates engaging release notes and changelogs from Jira issues, saving time and offering customization options. It integrates with Atlassian for security and scalability.


Astria AI Singularity automates operations, enhances efficiency, and offers personalized AI assistants for enterprise teams. Free and Edge plans available.


Ahaapple: AI-powered idea generator for individuals and companies. Free trial available, feedback encouraged for continuous improvement.


Kno is an AI tool on Slack for quick, precise answers to technical questions, focusing on AI and ML, using GPT models.

AI Alfred

AI Alfr: AI-powered tool for summarizing articles & online text in multiple languages.

Flexberry AI Assistant

AI Assist streamlines work for business analysts by analyzing text, generating forms, scripts, and diagrams in minutes, automating tasks and reducing time.


Smartflowai is an AI-powered workflow automation tool that simplifies business processes, saving time and resources.


AI tool for real-time emotional speech-to-text and text-to-speech, with flexible integration and advanced data protection.


Locus: AI-powered search tool for quick, natural language-based searches across web, PDFs, and videos. Saves time, boosts productivity. Free trial available.

Dime A Dozen AI toolkit for entrepreneurs to validate ideas, scale startups, with market research, fundraising, ad content, and more.

Dashworks for Slack

Dashwork is an AI search tool that helps teams find information in wikis, conversations, and work apps, integrating with popular platforms.

Customize your cover letter with Cover Letter Simple’s AI to land the job you want.

Rationale AI

Rationale AI aids decision-making by analyzing options, generating analyses, and considering relevant factors for rational choices.


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