WeMate is an ultimate dream companion available for all your spicy chat needs 24/7.

Tangle Club

Tangle Club is a data-driven dating tool that offers personalized advice for better matches.


DearReal is a safe dating app that connects to your address book and involves friends.

ViGirl: AI Girlfriend on GPT

Experience a unique love story with ViGirl AI Virtual Girlfriend on GPT, creating emotional connections.


Cosmic offers advanced machine learning for finding your perfect match and revealing intriguing insights.


Reelatable app revolutionizes entertainment selection with card-swiping mechanism for couples, friends, or solo users.


Hai helps improve conversations, first impressions, and dating success with a touch of ‘game’.

Auto Swipe

Auto Swipe is a Chrome extension that automates swiping on dating platforms, saving time and increasing matches.

Couple Care AI Counselling

Couple Care is an AI app for solving relationship problems for couples and singles.


JOIAI is your AI companion for emotional support & assistance.


Virtual girlfriends provide an AI alternative to real relationships, avoiding drama and headaches.


Joi is an AI girlfriend who offers intimate conversations and companionship, including erotic discussions.


Emily-AI Girlfriend app is a virtual girlfriend simulator that uses AI for chat and text communication.


Driftroom is an AI-powered chat community connecting users based on shared interests and genuine conversations.


SmallTalk is an AI assistant for online dating, offering personalized advice and suggestions.

Magic Profile

Magic Profile uses AI to create profile pictures that help users attract meaningful connections.

Reply Muse: GenAI for Conversations

ReplyMuse is a genAI wingman for Tinder, generating personalized replies and icebreakers aligned with your match’s interests.

Talk To Your Ex

Talk To Your Ex is a virtual app that lets users text and date their exes.


Tinder Guru is an AI Assistant that improves your dating profile to find a match.

Buzr AI

Buzr AI is an AI-powered platform for engaging in conversations with celebrities and heroes.