An AI tool removes vocals from music tracks, offering instrument or acapella versions.


Soundraw enables creators to produce custom songs that match their content seamlessly within minutes, even without prior music composition knowledge.


Hookgen is a free AI-powered web app that generates original, royalty-free songs and music hooks.


Musico is an AI software that creates copyright-free music using machine learning and real-time input.

Infinite Drum Machine

The Infinit Drum Machine is a mobile-friendly, open-source tool for creating diverse beats, co-created by Google Creative Lab.

Tunes For Tales

This tool suggests songs based on your story or emotions, making it enjoyable.


Songmastr is a free AI tool that masters users’ songs using uploaded reference tracks.

Muze One

Muze is an AI-powered web app that curates personalized music playlists based on user’s preferences and mood.


TexttoMusic is an AI tool that generates audio based on text inputs, offering various genres, emotions, and collaboration options.


Tracksy AI music generator uses AI technology to help users create unique music across various genres.


“Emusion” is an AI-based music recommendation tool by freshly.ai that personalizes suggestions based on user preferences.


Moodplaylist is an AI tool that creates personalized, ad-free music playlists based on mood, activity, and era.


SongR is an AI tool that allows anyone to effortlessly create personalized songs.


ScoreCloud is an AI-powered music composition software that notates, arranges, and shares compositions.

FineShare Singify

FineShare Singify is a free AI-powered platform that transforms favorite songs into personalized musical masterpieces.


Raplyr is an AI tool that generates unique rap punchlines, encouraging user feedback and cultural understanding.


Beatoven allows its users to create customisable and royalty-free music that elevates their story.


Wzrd is an AI-powered music visualizer tool that creates unique visual experiences for music.


Boomy is a platform that generates an AI-powered musical composition.


Wavtool is an AI-powered music production tool that guides beginners and streamlines music-making processes.