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ReRender AI

Rerender AI instantly renders architectural designs, offering various styles and saving time and money.


Chroma AI generates gradients based on text, simplifying creation of visually appealing designs.


Relogo AI creates photorealistic logo renders in seconds, offering various design styles and customization options.

AI-Powered QR code

QRCodeFox is an AI-powered tool for creating customized QR codes for various purposes.

Goodhues is an AI-powered assistant for interior design, offering unlimited designs and project management.


Restage AI is a virtual staging tool with over 20 design styles for transforming spaces.

Simple ChatGPT Plugin

Simple ChatGPT plugin in Figma uses AI to translate text and generate fake reviews.


Magimaker is an AI tool that offers fast, affordable design solutions for indie creatives.


BitoAI is an AI design generator for building digital products, including NFTs, with customization options.


Getfloorplan AI generates high-quality floor plans quickly for designers, architects, and marketers.

AI HomeDesign

AI Home Design: AI interior design tool for virtual staging, image enhancement, and item removal.


Visoid is an AI-powered architectural visualization tool that creates stunning images in minutes.


Coated is an AI interior design companion that transforms spaces effortlessly with personalized styles.


Animant is an AI-powered tool for creating interactive AR scenes and 3D animations.

Design My Room

Design Room is an AI tool that quickly redesigns rooms with unique design ideas.

QR Diffusion

QR Diffusion is an AI-powered QR code generator that creates visually appealing and functional codes.


AI tool Spring Sourceful provides instant packaging design inspiration and artwork generation. is an AI-powered logo maker tool with customizable templates and branding assets.


FieldDay is an AI app that lets you create custom camera experiences without coding.


QRArt is an AI tool for creating customized and visually appealing QR codes for free.