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animant is an AI-powered tool that allows you to create interactive AR scenes, 3D scanning, and room capture. With animant, you can turn words into a story and build interactive 3D scenes without any prior knowledge of 3D animation. The tool even has the capability to generate simple 3D objects with accurate appearances and measurements.

Animant is designed to bring real-world experiences into the virtual world, allowing you to visualize interactive 3D experiences within the real world. You can create 3D models using your camera to scan physical objects or even entire rooms to construct a 3D floor plan. Additionally, you can mix 2D photos, PDF documents, and videos alongside the 3D content.

The tool provides a complete studio for creating interactive animations and allows you to change what is shown and trigger movement, creating engaging product demos or enhanced classroom sessions. Animant also offers an intuitive way to build scenes even faster by allowing you to walk animate paths and drop waypoints along the way.

With animant, you have everything you need to make your 3D content feel magical, including object capture for detailed 3D scans, support for external lighting and physics, and the ability to create realistic textures and apply them to objects. Whether you’re looking to create product demos or educational content, animant has the features and capabilities to bring your ideas to life.

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