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Chat With Anime

Real-time voiceovers in Japanese and dynamic conversations with unique character greetings.


Do you want a photo with a celebrity? Maskr’s AI tool can help you with that.


Replicate is a web tool that employs AI to create visual representations of Pokemon from written descriptions.

AI Meme Generator

AI Meme Generator is a simple AI tool for creation of funny memes


OurBabyAI helps you see your future baby in AI-generated photos.


Netwrck: Chat with your favorite AI characters and friends.


Dict provides daily words to define, which are then scored by AI against actual definitions.

My Future Children

Generate a photo of your future child by uploading two parent images for free.

The Daily Dad Joke

AI generates a daily dad joke, sometimes funny, based on question and answer format.


ChangeFace uses AI to superimpose your face onto famous images for a stunning result.

Person Cloner

Create memes and jokes by making your friends say what you want using their voices.

Beard Style AI

Get 100+ realistic beard styles in under an hour to try or have fun with.

Hell’s Pitching

An AI assistant that provides honest feedback with humor, leading to insightful realizations.

Magicsnap AI

Upload a selfie and transform into Barbie, Ken, or other movie characters instantly. Share photos.

Emoji Combiner

Introducing Emoji Combiner: mix 2 emojis to create new ones with our online tool.

Pixie Page

Pixie Page is a platform for AI art and fan pages with exclusive content for subscribers.

Easily transform your selfies into amazing images and express yourself with a new profile photo.


AI-powered quizzes can be created quickly for educators, companies, and families to reinforce learning and celebrate occasions.


Try our Virtual Tattoo Trial tool to test tattoos before getting them permanently.

AI Persona Chat

Cutting-edge AI powers lifelike conversations with legendary figures, diverse topics, and unique personas. Join now!