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Low-code solution for enterprise apps with reusable components, no-code tools, secure architecture, AI features, and code extensibility.


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BuildShip allows users to create APIs, schedule jobs, and deploy instantly with AI integration.

Chaindesk AI

Chaindesk is a no-code platform for creating custom AI chatbots that streamline customer support.

Droxy AI

All-in-one tool for building AI chatbots without coding.

Bodt is a platform for creating personalized chatbots without coding, improving customer interaction.


Algomo is a ChatGPT bot that reduces customer service queries by 85% in under 4 minutes.

Autogon AI

Autogon AI is an advanced platform that maximizes human-machine intelligence for businesses’ growth.


Use Nearly.Al to create a Laravel Backend Builder and save time and money in development.


VectorShift is an AI platform that allows businesses to use generative AI without coding.

Powerly ai allows users to quickly create their own branded ChatGPT and Chatbots without coding.


wib.AI is a user-friendly website-building platform that allows users to create professional websites without coding.

Bee Unicorn

BeeUnicorn is an AI ecommerce platform with various features for online store management and growth.


Orca is a web platform with a wide range of tools and features.

Kyligence Copilot

Kyligence Copilot is an AI agent that analyzes KPIs, generates summaries, identifies risks, and provides suggestions.

RoboResponseAI is a platform for creating human-like conversational AI chatbots using OpenAI GPT.

Moly AI is a chatbot that offers personalized customer support with real-time answers.


AutoEmber is a coding-free visual design tool for creating and customizing websites.


Amarkdown is an AI editor for creating and editing markdown documents with advanced capabilities.


fn7 is an AI platform that helps entrepreneurs create powerful and customized platforms.