CareerHub AI is a platform that uses GPT technology to offer personalized career support, including career exploration, guidance, insights, and practical tools.


Moodpen is an AI-powered journaling tool that helps individuals foster personal growth by providing real-time reflection, personalized feedback, and automated journal reflections.


Verble is an AI speech-writing assistant that helps users create compelling speeches for various occasions by asking targeted questions and incorporating techniques from renowned speakers, making it a user-friendly and innovative tool for preparing talks efficiently.


Introducing Jung GPT, a compact AI companion that provides emotional support and insightful understanding of emotions through thought-provoking questions and discussions, drawing on extensive knowledge from various fields.


GetActyv is an AI-based health and fitness platform that enhances flexibility, strength, and weight loss through personalized programs and workouts, without the need for wearables, while ensuring safety and providing real-time feedback.


Managebett is an AI-powered software tool that helps managers give feedback, improve team skills, and generate performance reviews with an easy-to-use interface and coaching services, offering a free trial period.

6000 thoughts

This AI technology helps users organize thoughts, identify biases, voice them, and use writing for self-reflection.

Ask Seneca

Gain wisdom and valuable advice from Seneca, a highly influential Stoic philosopher, through learning, questioning, and exploring his insights.


Hey Mind is an AI app that helps users gain a deeper understanding of life and the mind by posing questions, and features insights from philosophers like Lao Tzu, Alan Watt, and Nietzsche.


Insightful is an AI-powered coaching tool that provides personalized and convenient coaching in all aspects of life, including career, relationships, and well-being, featuring a blog and accountability coaching, and can be utilized for managing remote work, self-reflection, wellness, and discovering one’s life direction.

Wonderway Coach

Wonderway AI Coach is an AI-based sales coaching tool that automates sales quality assurance, provides personalized feedback, and prioritizes the security of call transcripts.


ExperAI is a platform connecting users with personalized AI expert bots for assistance and advice in various fields.

Prodigy AI

Prodigy AI has developed an AI-powered Career Coach for software engineers, providing personalized guidance to enhance career progression and improve compensation rates.

Wave AI

Wave is a coaching tool that offers personalized coaching to individuals using advanced technology and coaching science.


Yoodli is a free AI speech coach that provides personalized feedback to improve public speaking skills in various situations.


An AI-driven platform provides personalized career coaching to improve developers’ professional growth and self-improvement.

Naval AI

Naval AI is an accessible AI tool providing practical and coaching support by emulating the thinking of Naval Ravikant.


MikeAI is an AI fitness tool that creates personalized meal and exercise plans, offers a fitness chatbot, and functions as a personalized fitness coach.


Nara is an AI-powered nutritional assistant that offers personalized meal suggestions, dining-out guidance, and food delivery recommendations to help users maintain a healthy lifestyle, with a free trial and prioritized user privacy.


The lifesage AI tool offers guidance on various aspects of life, such as health, wealth, and wisdom, through answering questions and creating personalized plans.