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AI-driven non-fiction writing, transforming ideas and personal notes/sources into refined books effortlessly.


TopicMojo, a research tool, aids in creating engaging content by analyzing web data and user sentiment.


Paperclip is an AI tool that helps researchers and professionals manage and retrieve information from various sources, while ensuring data privacy.


Textlayer is an AI-powered tool that provides access to latest research and machine learning information, offering personalized recommendations and interactive learning.

Research Buddy

ResearchBuddy uses AI to simplify literature reviews, enabling swift search, organization, and tracking of scholarly content.


Resoomer is a free platform offering in-depth text analysis and summaries, supporting multiple languages and browser integration.


AcademicGPT is an AI tool designed to assist researchers in writing papers and obtaining feedback.


Boba is an AI tool that supports research strategy by analyzing and summarizing web articles, generating future scenarios, and more.


Odin AI is an artificial intelligence tool that provides real-time information, generates accurate responses, and boosts productivity across various industries.

Lumina Chat

Lumina is an AI-powered research suite offering access to 300,000 journal articles, specialized research bots, and much more.

Three Sigma

Three Sigma, an AI research tool, reduces document reading time by 90% with advanced search technology and features like the Imagine Assistant.

Ubie AI Symptom Checker

Ubie is an AI tool that helps users identify potential causes of their symptoms.

Rejuve is an AI-powered, decentralized network that allows individuals to monitor health data, participate in longevity research, and is an AI tool for stock market research and portfolio management, offering personalized optimization and investment suggestions.

Speak Ai

Speak AI is a platform for analyzing language data, providing transcription, data analysis, and sentiment analysis functionalities.


Aimind is an AI toolkit for oncologists, improving cancer treatment plans by analyzing data from 45,000 hospitals.


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Census GPT

CensusGPT simplifies access to census data, converting queries into SQL for researchers and economists.


Longshot AI’s FactGPT feature generates accurate, personalized content using citations from credible sources.


Sourcely is an AI tool helping students and researchers find reliable sources for academic work.