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Pluto is an AI-powered investing tool designed to provide precise and personalized investing insights. It gives you access to high-grade, real-time data, helping you make informed investment decisions. With Pluto, you have a personal finance analyst at your fingertips who never sleeps. It offers an expansive collection of data, including real-time price movements, market patterns, social sentiment, short interest, fundamentals, and earnings calls.

Pluto goes beyond presenting raw data by interpreting it in real-time to help you make informed decisions based on unique market trends and opportunities. It offers features such as customizable data dashboards and automated trading rules, giving you control over your investment journey. In addition, Pluto provides an AI copilot called Plato, which helps you comprehend complex financial data, tailor automations to your needs, and provides a conversational experience.

With Pluto, you can seamlessly transition from market research to trade execution without the hassle of third-party connections. It offers a comprehensive view of the market and additional data, insights, personalized analysis, and powerful tools to apply risk controls and execute trades. Pluto’s integrated platform offers a one-stop solution for all your investing needs.

Pluto is not just for experienced investors. It also caters to new investors by providing a clean and simple layout and offering great support through weekly Q&A sessions and private messages. It is also ideal for educational purposes, providing a platform for classroom teaching aid in portfolio courses.


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