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AI Data Assistant helps with data management and analysis tasks using artificial intelligence technology.

Morph Beta

Morph is an advanced, user-friendly data management tool for storing, analyzing, and sharing data.


AskExcel is an AI assistant that helps with data analysis.

AppyHigh Prime

Appyhigh Prime is a bundle of 13+ AI apps that boost productivity and creativity for creators and businesses. converts files/websites into various solutions, eliminating the need for coding or IT skills.


GPT-4 powered parser revolutionizes data extraction from various sources, with real-time export and custom automations.

Expense Sorted

AI automatically categorizes monthly expenses for you.

Sheet Chat

AI-Powered Assistant simplifies office tasks, enhancing efficiency and intelligence through creating, editing, translating, and generating charts.

AI Tools For Your Everyday Use

AI platform streamlines workflows, boosts productivity, and solves complex challenges, enabling users to achieve more efficiently.

Must Ai Generator

AI Generator is a powerful multitool that enables users to write, chat, design, code, and more.

Remagine AI

Remagine AI is an AI co-pilot for marketing, providing 200+ templates to create content quickly.

GPTs Works

GPTs Works is a store with 6000+ third-party GPTs, a website, and browser extension.

Botsheets AI Writer

Botsheets automates chat conversations into Google Sheets and enables automated responses using Google Sheets.

Array Assistant – AI Excel Bot

Array Assistant is an AI bot that optimizes Excel spreadsheets by providing formula assistance and insights.


Chat2Stats is a web app that analyzes chat conversations to extract valuable insights for businesses.


Batch processing tool for ChatGPT AI allows importing prompts in bulk and collaborating on tweaking.


AI simplifies creating and understanding formulas in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

Wraith Sheets

Smart Sheets Chatbot is a Google Sheets addon for easy spreadsheet editing and data assistance.

Finance Brain

Finance Brain is a 24/7 chatbot offering instant answers for finance and accounting questions.

Wryter AI

Wryter AI’s platform revolutionizes content creation, boosting creativity and productivity with limitless possibilities.