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Findem is an AI platform that simplifies hiring, reduces costs, improves quality, and eliminates bias.


Juno helps product teams gain deep insights from user interviews 10x faster through automation and AI.

AI Job Interview Coach

AI Job Interview Coach boosts confidence and performance with personalized coaching, mock interviews, and valuable feedback.


MajorGen is an AI tool that creates personalized resumes and cover letters to impress recruiters.


Manatal is a fast AI recruitment tool trusted by 10,000 teams worldwide, offering customizable features.

Resume Revival

Resume Revival is an AI-powered web app that creates tailored resumes and cover letters for job applications.


Recrooit offers a free job description generator for quick and easy creation of optimized descriptions.


Fetcher automates sourcing, curates qualified candidates, and offers analytics to track hiring goals.


Jobcopy is an AI platform that simplifies job applications with personalized recommendations, resumes, and advanced search.

Eightfold AI

Eightfold is an AI platform that uses talent data to make informed hiring decisions.


DeepMate’s AI interview assistant enhances hiring by generating tailored questions and analyzing responses for recruiters.

Human Circles AI

Human Circles AI is a free Chrome extension that enhances LinkedIn search and connection management.


Accio generates instant resume summaries for recruiters to evaluate candidate fit more efficiently.

Kula AI

Kula AI assists recruiters in crafting personalized cold emails for candidate outreach efficiently.


Recruitee is an ATS and hiring software that simplifies recruitment with user-friendly features and AI-powered job descriptions.


Huru is an AI app that prepares job seekers and students for interviews with feedback and tips.


Paradox’s AI tool, Olivia, automates hiring tasks, schedules interviews, and assesses candidates in multiple languages.


ResumeCheck is an AI tool that assesses resumes, offering personalized recommendations, grammar corrections, and skills adjustments. is an AI assistant that conducts video interviews, evaluates responses, and provides hiring insights.


Sourcio, an AI hiring assistant, finds top candidates by searching the web based on job descriptions.