Dexa AI: AI-powered podcast assistant for exploring, searching, and asking questions using favorite podcasts. Tailored advice from experts.


Podsift: Free AI tool for podcast summaries. Manage account, dark mode, stay updated. Get summaries in 3 steps: enter email, select podcasts, receive in inbox.


Wisecut is an AI video editor that automates editing, creating impactful clips with subtitles, translations, and balanced audio.

Deciphr AI

Deciphr is a free AI tool that quickly summarizes podcast transcripts securely and efficiently.


Descript is a comprehensive video/podcast editing tool with collaboration features, starting at $12/month.


Chopcast is an AI tool that automates content repurposing from long-form media, saving time and costs.


Earkind is an AI tool that generates personalized podcasts using text-to-speech and programmatic audio editing.

Melville App

Melvill is an AI tool that generates podcast show notes, episode summaries, and transcriptions efficiently and cost-effectively.

Discover podcasts using AI features such as quick search, transcripts, navigation, clipping, and highlights.