Subscribe To Our Free AI Newsletter 📰 is an outbound email tool for sending cold emails at scale with various features.


Salient automates personalized outreach emails to enhance cold outbound engagement.


Revolutionize email marketing with’s AI tools and vast B2B database. email summary service sends neat packages of summarized emails to Slack, helping users manage and prioritize emails.


Elli: AI email assistant using GPT-4 for intelligent replies. Free download for Chrome/Firefox, paid license available. Contextual, multilingual, saves time, respects privacy.

Professionalize It To Me

“Professionalize It To Me” is an AI tool that transforms casual messages into formal ones.

Ipso AI

GPT-3 powered AI assistant manages calendars and drafts personalized emails based on your preferences.


GhostWrite ChatGPT Email Assistant uses AI to enhance email writing speed and quality.

ChatGPT Writer

ChatGPT Writer, a multilingual Chrome extension, generates AI-based, human-like emails in Gmail for free.

Scribble AI

Scribble AI is a user-friendly mobile app that swiftly generates various AI-written texts.


Missiv is a versatile collaboration tool for managing emails, chats, and tasks, enhancing team productivity.


Getitout, an AI B2B marketing tool, streamlines marketing strategies with features like persona generator, competitor analysis and more.


Remail, a Chrome extension, uses AI to draft quality email replies quickly and offers customizable responses.

Quick Reply

Quickrepli, an AI tool, generates personalized responses using advanced algorithms, enhancing communication and saving time.

Writers Brew

Writer’s Brew is an affordable, versatile AI writing tool with OCR, suitable for all skill levels.


Robin AI enables efficient lead outreach, research, and initial contact without human sales staff.


Quicklines, your AI cold outreach assistant, scales email campaigns with social scraping and natural language.


AI-powered intelligent email for smarter, faster, and stress-free productivity.


FinalScout extracts valid emails from LinkedIn and crafts personalized emails using ChatGPT.


The Casper AI Keyboard is a versatile text AI tool with over 800 5-star ratings.