Questflow is an AI-powered platform that automates tasks, connects teams, and promotes creativity.

Baby AGI

Babyagi: GitHub repo for NLP-based task management using AI, open-source and continuously updated.

Anysolve is an AI project that automates tasks, offers ready-to-use tasks, and allows customization.

Mano AI

Mano AI automates tasks, saves time, and boosts productivity with AI-powered agents and prompts.


Browsegpt is an AI Chrome extension that automates browsing tasks using GPT-3 model.


NumerousFlow automates content generation tasks, saving time and increasing efficiency for bloggers and marketers.


Argil is a no-code AI automation tool that saves time and money by streamlining workflows.


Smartersales automates sales call data management, integrates with video platforms, and provides personalized feedback.


Athena: AI tool simplifying conversation and enhancing the digital world with automation and APIs.


Unfetch is an AI tool that creates workflows and interacts with APIs in plain English.


Uizard is an AI design tool for app and web design, offering automation and collaboration features.

CometCore AI

Cometcore AI: versatile platform with AI-powered tools for productivity, communication, automation, content creation, SEO, and more.


Tagbox: AI tool for creative asset management, organizing media files with smart tags, advanced search, and team collaboration.

Doogle AI

Questmate: AI tool for tasks like website creation, transportation requests, scraping websites; easy to use, email updates provided.


AI tool for data integration and analysis, with machine learning, semantic analytics, and automation.


Gliastudio AI tool simplifies video creation, offers free trial, transforms articles into short summaries, automates text summarization.

Einstein GPT

Salesforce Einstein: AI tool for sales, customer service, marketing, and commerce, offering personalized experiences and real-time insights.


AgentGPT enables configuring and deploying custom AI agents to pursue any goal by thinking, executing tasks, and learning.


Elli: AI email assistant using GPT-4 for intelligent replies. Free download for Chrome/Firefox, paid license available. Contextual, multilingual, saves time, respects privacy.

Hire Hoc

AI tool automates recruitment workflows, saves time and effort by generating job descriptions, interview questions, and identifying needed skills.