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AI Email Management: Scale customer service with Real-Time Agent Assistant & Smart Inbox Automation for efficient workflows.

Tweet Cycle

Tweet Cycle is an AI tool for creating, scheduling tweets, and managing Twitter contacts.

AI Suggests

AI Suggest, created by Thoma, is an AI tool that generates unique content for various purposes.

Tiny Magic

The Gmail GPT-4 Support Agent by Tiny Magic automates drafting responses to support requests, saving users time.

AI Mailer

AI Mailer is a free AI-powered tool that generates high-quality, personalized emails quickly and securely.


Tiledesk AI tool enhances customer interaction, generates leads, and offers various functions for businesses.

UseChat is an AI-powered chatbot tool that offers immediate responses, personalized assistants, and integration options for websites.


Brightbot is an AI-powered chatbot tool that enhances website conversions and engages potential customers by providing real-time responses and customizable features.

Docs AI

Docs AI is a versatile artificial intelligence tool that allows users to train, integrate, and maintain AI support agents for websites or documents, with features like chatbot integration, recommended responses, and compatibility with platforms like Slack, providing valuable insights on conversation tone and enabling effective customer support, HR chatbots, and creative applications.


Chatling is an AI chatbot tool for businesses that reduces support requests and enhances customer satisfaction.


Webbotify is a website chatbot tool that aims to boost visitor engagement by using ChatGPT-powered chatbots, providing personalized conversations, instant support, and analysis of user interactions and metrics to improve business performance, with additional features like chat history, user feedback, and language support.

Chatfuel AI

The Chatfuel AI tool offers advanced chatbot building capabilities that enhance personalized communication across multiple messaging platforms and websites.


Meya is a platform that allows users to create and deploy customizable chatbots with features such as custom code, integrations, and human-bot interactions.

SeashoreAI is an AI chatbot tool that improves sales and customer service efficiency, boasting high visitor utilization and revenue boosts.

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Ariana AI

Ariana, an AI-driven chatbot on WhatsApp, offers assistance across various fields and tasks without credit card details required.


Convai is an AI software that creates realistic characters with conversational skills for gaming and virtual worlds, offering seamless integration and a comprehensive voice interface.

Norby AI

Norby AI, powered by ChatGPT, is a cost-effective and efficient chatbot solution for website integration, ideal for startups and small businesses.


Tidio AI tools and capabilities help businesses automate customer service, increase conversion rates, and improve productivity with AI.