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Brightbot is a cutting-edge chatbot tool that utilizes AI technology to enhance conversions and engage potential customers on websites. By allowing users to easily integrate a chatbot onto their site, Brightbot enables real-time responses to inquiries, regardless of whether the team is available or not.

This tool offers prompt answers and can be trained with text data to effectively address various topics. Key features include an admin panel that simplifies chatbot management, the capability to import text for training purposes, and the ability to monitor conversations.

Users have the freedom to customize the chatbot to align with their brand and benefit from its constant availability, resulting in swift responses and reduced team workload by taking care of routine queries. Integrating Brightbot onto a website only requires users to copy and paste the provided embed code.

As a cloud-based tool, Brightbot can be accessed through a web browser, providing convenience for users. Starting with a free plan, users can gradually upgrade to paid subscription plans as their usage grows. Payment options include credit card, invoice, and bank transfer.

Developed by Bright Interactive Limited, Brightbot offers a user-friendly platform that simplifies chatbot training and management. For additional information, users can reach out to Brightbot’s support team or visit their website.


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