MyGPT is a Chat interface with prompts support and internet access via plugins.


HeyGPT is a local app enhancing ChatGPT usage with advanced features, no login required.

WNR is an AI tool that creates customizable prompts for various purposes, including a custom chatbot.


TavernAI is an immersive chat adventure compatible with various platforms, offering unique AI companions.


GPT4All is a free, offline chatbot with installers for MAC, Windows, and Linux.

Open Assistant

Open Assistant: conversational AI tool, open-source, collaborative, accessible, free usage, customizable, compatible with consumer hardware.


HuggingChat is an AI chat app on OpenAssistant for conversation, queries, and tasks. Experimental and free for demo.

chatGPT on your terminal

TerminalGPT is an open source tool for conversing with an AI model in the terminal.


Tiledesk AI tool enhances customer interaction, generates leads, and offers various functions for businesses. is a leading conversational AI platform that enhances customer and employee experiences.


The AI tool is a chatbot platform that allows users to learn from various sources and customize their own bots.


Unschooler allows you to teach and learn with AI, and create courses with educational videos for any question.


Whismer is an AI tool that allows users to create personalized AI chatbots without coding expertise by uploading documents, inserting links, and writing notes, and it also enables users to establish a professional AI knowledge base to find answers to inquiries, with the capability to easily share customized AI bots.


The HelloAI AI chatbot assistant on the Mac App Store quickly responds to user inquiries and offers valuable assistance in various scenarios, such as writing, homework, research, content creation, and business communication, with a library of AI-generated content prompts that saves time and supports creativity, making general AI technology accessible and beneficial, simplifying lives, creating equal opportunities for small businesses, and enhancing studying and coursework experiences through exemplary ratings and reviews.


Itagpt is an AI tool that offers chatgpt capabilities through WhatsApp, providing prompt and user-friendly responses on various topics without the need for registration or payment, and users can earn extra responses by referring friends.


Knowbo is a user-friendly customizable chatbot that integrates with your website, reduces support workload, and learns from website updates to provide accurate and personalized information to customers.


Doppel – Chat Era is a groundbreaking app on the Apple Store that allows users to engage in captivating conversations with AI versions of iconic personalities, historical figures, and legendary artists, offering intellectually-stimulating discussions, interactive chats, and personalized learning experiences.

Automatic Chat

Automatic Chat is an AI-powered chatbot tool that allows easy creation and customization of automated chatbots for websites, with features such as prompt responses, analytics reporting, customization options, conversation logs, and multilingual support.


WebWhiz is an AI tool that allows you to easily train and embed a chatbot on your website, providing personalized customer assistance without coding skills and with various pricing plans available.

ChatwithPDF is an AI tool that simplifies interactions with PDF documents, allowing users to engage with their digital documents through conversation-like interactions, extract vital information effortlessly, and gain insights without limitations or registration requirements.