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Stori AI: AI tool for unique story writing with chatbot tech, 3,000+ subscribers, offers art/podcast recommendations, no marketing fluff or pricing.

Artflow ai

Artflow: AI tool for creating animated stories and characters effortlessly, with a wide range of assets and community features.

AI tool by generates text, corrects grammar, summarizes, creates custom stories, study plans, audio feature, persona creation.

Roost AI AI tool for end-to-end testing, automates integration testing, generates AI-driven tests, accelerates time-to-market.


IMAGINaiTION AI creates personalized, interactive bedtime stories for kids, enhancing literacy, creativity, and parent-child bonding.


Nolan is an AI script-writing software that works offline, simplifying screenplay creation and storytelling.


Pictales, an AI tool, generates unique stories from your images in various languages and genres.


Instanovel, an AI tool, creates customizable mini-novels from user prompts, offering premium, fast generation.


Dreamili is an AI writing app that generates sentences and stories, with language filters.

The OneContact Suit is an AI-powered, customizable cloud contact center software with omnichannel communication.

Lovelines provides AI-generated personalized keepsakes for $12, delivered within 24 hours.


Zekai is a multilingual AI platform for retail, offering content creation, SEO optimization, and image editing.


Dux-Soup is an AI tool that automates LinkedIn lead generation and engagement, offering a 14-day free trial.


Raplyr is an AI tool that generates unique rap punchlines, encouraging user feedback and cultural understanding.

Watermelon Pulse

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Case Study Writer

The AI tool generates compelling case studies for the B2B market by using storytelling frameworks and chatbot technology, saving time through virtual interviews and offering support for content enhancement.


Quaffl is a versatile AI tool that offers chatbot support, language correction, plagiarism detection, music creation, and more.