Axiom offers a user-friendly platform for automating tasks and web scraping without coding.


AI automates manual workflows, increasing efficiency and reducing human effort.


Use AI to design websites efficiently and effectively with Web Design Using AI.

Dreamup free AI platform for nonprofits, offering unlimited art generation, customizable creations, searchable database, and interactive gallery.

Petportrait AI app creates unique pet portraits in 20 styles using 20 photos. Transform your pet into a star in 24 hours. High-quality and customizable.


Mendable: AI tool with API chat search, document automation, and custom answers. Integrates with platforms, aiming for open-source model.

ChatGPT Executor

ChatGPT Executor allows running code directly in ChatGPT, enabling web requests, data parsing, plots, and more.

Code Snippets AI

AI-powered code snippets library for teams to save, share, and access code, improving productivity and collaboration.


Boost productivity with AI and no code. Collaborate, create Python-powered Prompt chains, and earn rewards for tool usage. is an AI tool that simplifies creating engaging, customized release notes using GPT-3.

USP is an AI tool that creates unique images from text descriptions for lifetime access.


AssemblyAI is an AI-powered speech recognition tool that converts audio into text, offering additional features and prioritizing security.

prmpts.AI is a platform for testing, tweaking, sharing, and exploring prompts for prompt engineering. is an AI tool that integrates GPT into apps, managing and improving prompts.


The AI tool is optimized for serverless environments, offering fast performance and compact module size.


dify is an AI tool for creating and operating AI-native applications based on GPT-4 models.


MiniGPT-4 is an AI model that improves vision and language understanding using large language models.


Cebra is a machine learning tool for compressing time series data and analyzing neural activity.


Convostack is an AI chatbot framework that easily adds customizable chatbots to websites.


Xtur is an open-source AI tool for creating and managing personal LLMs easily.