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Checkget: AI text editing tool with GPT-4 tech for summarizing, translating, grammar correction, tone change. Dark mode, local mode, browser extension.

Stage Light

Stage Light: AI assistant with text and voice features, enhances productivity, answers questions, and provides easy access to GPT.


Textbuddy is an AI-powered writing tool that identifies flaws, checks grammar, and improves readability.

GPT-3 AI Avatar

This AI tool creates avatars, remembers notes, answers queries, triggers actions, and requires paid software.


Spiritm is a quick, user-friendly AI tool for creating customizable digital avatars for various applications.

Yepic AI

Yepic AI is the future of video content with its AI-generated, ultra localised and hyper personalised tools.

The OneContact Suit is an AI-powered, customizable cloud contact center software with omnichannel communication.


SayHi is a Chrome extension for crafting personalized LinkedIn messages with various features and pricing plans.

Altered AI

Altered enables users to transform their voice into any of the company’s curated portfolio or custom voices

WellSaid Labs

WellSaid Labs is a text-to-speech technology solution that generates custom synthetic voices for companies, people, and brands.


Speechelo is a text-to-speech software that converts any written text into spoken words in a natural-sounding voice.

SpeechGen is a multilingual TTS with 150 languages, SSML support, and 1000+ natural voices for diverse needs.


Coqui Studio is an AI tool for voice-over generation with advanced features and a free trial.


Eleven Labs created the most realistic and versatile AI speech software.


Krisp is a smart layer that can be placed between your device and any kind of internet communication to instantly silence any unwanted noise.


Voicemod mimics human vocal tones and styles across languages using AI sophisticated algorithms.

Cleanvoice AI

Cleanvoice is an AI tool that filters out unnecessary noises like pauses, stutters, and mouth noises from your podcast or audio recording.


TTSMaker is a free, unlimited-use online text-to-speech tool supporting multiple languages and commercial use.


Resemble AI is an AI tool that enables voice cloning and customization for various applications.


FreeTTS is a multilingual text-to-speech software with customizable voices, speed, and volume options.