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Recap: Open-source browser extension for easy webpage summarization using ChatGPT model, enhancing productivity and saving time.


Kome is an AI-powered bookmark extension that summarizes articles, manages bookmarks, composes emails, extracts color palettes, and more.

Scribbler: AI-powered tool for instant podcast and YouTube insights, summaries, search, subscriptions, and more. Enhances digital content consumption.


Podsift: Free AI tool for podcast summaries. Manage account, dark mode, stay updated. Get summaries in 3 steps: enter email, select podcasts, receive in inbox.

Kiwi Video

AI tool enables users to watch videos, ask questions, get summaries, quiz themselves, and access motivational content on YouTube, enhancing learning and saving time.

Sembly AI

Sembl AI streamlines meetings by transcribing, summarizing discussions, and integrating with popular tools for improved productivity.

Sassbook AI Summarizer

Sassbook AI Text Summarizer: Advanced tool for high-quality summaries, customizable options, useful for academia, offers demo mode and API plan.


“You-tldr” is an AI tool for easy video summarization, downloading, searching, and interaction on YouTube.

AI Alfred

AI Alfr: AI-powered tool for summarizing articles & online text in multiple languages.


Bloop: AI tool for developers to discover internal APIs, reduce code duplication, and improve adoption. Open-source with free self-hosting.

TLDR YouTube

AI tool summarizes YouTube videos accurately, regardless of length or video type. No pricing info, contact support for issues or sharing summaries.


Bluf is an AI tool that summarizes web pages, available on Chrome and Firefox. It collects data for 30 days. Contact via email for support.


GenForge AI co-pilot: fast document summarization, real-time questioning, detailed responses, image generation; integrates with WhatsApp, Slack, Google Drive.


Video Highlight is an AI tool for summarizing and note-taking on videos, enabling faster exploration and analysis of video content.

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Stork: AI tool for hosting, summarizing, and sharing video meetings across various industries. Free account required.


Summarize any website text without copying it by writing, rephrasing, translating, or explaining it in your own words.

WebMagic AI

Webmag AI’s AI article summarizer tool condenses articles into shorter summaries, saving time and providing important points. Free trial available.

TechCrunch Summary

TechCrunch articles offer valuable insights on the startup ecosystem, aiding knowledge ingestion.

YouTube Summarized

YouTube Summarized: AI-powered chrome extension provides comprehensive video overviews and key points for quick understanding, research, or education. is a versatile AI tool for efficient content creation in 25 languages.