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Seenapse: AI tool generates diverse creative ideas in minutes, combining human and AI thinking to assist creative directors.

Dime A Dozen AI toolkit for entrepreneurs to validate ideas, scale startups, with market research, fundraising, ad content, and more.


Ravyn: AI sales tool for insights, revenue growth, and relationship building. Suitable for startups, SMBs, and Fortune 500. Positive reviews, free trial.

TechCrunch Summary

TechCrunch articles offer valuable insights on the startup ecosystem, aiding knowledge ingestion.


Learn how to use AI in your business or profession with AIforBiz. Get inspired and explore use cases to get started.

Frontitude’s UX Writing Assistant

Frontitude’s AI-powered UX Writing Assistant integrates with Figma, offering engaging, consistent copy suggestions.


ProWritingAid, an AI tool, aids UX professionals in proofreading and strategic tasks, outperforming other checkers.

AI Reviews

AI reviews by EmbedSocial is an AI-powered tool that manages and enhances customer reviews and feedback.


Mixpeek is an AI-powered tool that improves file storage by efficiently searching and analyzing data.


Revive, a free AI-powered learning tool, provides personalized education and immediate feedback from industry experts to help users excel in various fields.