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Smartersales automates sales call data management, integrates with video platforms, and provides personalized feedback.

AI Studio

AI Studio is a tool for creating professional product photo designs easily and affordably.


Xureal is a leading metaverse platform using AI for effective sales training and enablement.

NewOaks AI

Newoaks AI uses AI and machine learning for data analysis and automation solutions.


AI-powered lead generation provides custom, targeted lead lists to maximize ROI and boost sales. is an outbound email tool for sending cold emails at scale with various features.


Salient automates personalized outreach emails to enhance cold outbound engagement.

Einstein GPT

Salesforce Einstein: AI tool for sales, customer service, marketing, and commerce, offering personalized experiences and real-time insights.


Aissistify: AI tool for B2B sales & marketing, integrates with Hubspot CRM, uses GPT-4 model, automates campaigns & content generation. Custom AI solutions for enterprise clients.

Sana Labs

Sana: AI-powered learning platform for companies to share knowledge, automate tasks, and offer various training solutions.


Ravyn: AI sales tool for insights, revenue growth, and relationship building. Suitable for startups, SMBs, and Fortune 500. Positive reviews, free trial.


Promptplay is an AI tool that enhances writing by providing critiques and suggesting improvements.

Text Assistant

Text Assist, an AI tool on Ventura, simplifies text generation for various purposes, requiring an OpenAI API key.


Aquila, an AI tool, generates diverse, high-quality content in over 50 languages with varied tones.

AI for Sheets by Cargo

Cargo, an AI add-on for Google Workspace, aids in creating sales content and auto-filling spreadsheets.

AI:JD by Pangea

The AI tool quickly generates customized job descriptions for various profiles for free.


Sale AI is an AI tool that automates personalized messaging for sales prospecting on LinkedIn.

Zite is an AI tool that quickly generates and optimizes various sales content.

Persana AI

Persana AI is an AI tool that boosts sales teams with personalized email integrations.

EmailComposer is an AI-powered tool that generates effective marketing emails, integrating with Outlook and Google.