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Questflow is an AI-powered platform that automates tasks, connects teams, and promotes creativity.

Axiom offers a user-friendly platform for automating tasks and web scraping without coding.


Argil is a no-code AI automation tool that saves time and money by streamlining workflows.


Dystr: AI engineering environment automates tasks, analyzes with visualizations, and performs complex calculations.


Dora is a no-code design platform for 3D web design with drag-and-connect layouts and advanced animations.


Make is one of the most popular AI no-code builders and is proclaimed as a better and more affordable version of Zapier.

Doogle AI

Questmate: AI tool for tasks like website creation, transportation requests, scraping websites; easy to use, email updates provided.

GPT for forms

MagicForm Add-on creates quizzes in Google Forms using provided text. Requires OpenAI API access.


FlowiseAI is an open-source UI tool for creating personalized language model flows easily.

Aigur Client is a free and open-source AI tool for developing AI pipelines easily.


MarsX platform helps developers create applications faster and more efficiently with AI-driven tools.


TeleportHQ is an AI-powered website builder that simplifies low-code development with pre-designed templates and collaborative coding.

The platform provides a comprehensive solution for managing AI vision intelligence in smart machines.


HelpHub is an AI chat tool that can be integrated into websites, allowing users to search and communicate effectively.


Heybot is a powerful tool that quickly converts websites, blogs, and more into functional chatbots using GPT-3.


Certain is a conversational AI solution for e-commerce that integrates with multiple channels, offers personalized experiences, and improves sales and customer satisfaction.


Juji is an easy-to-use AI chatbot builder that empowers non-IT professionals to create and control personalized AI assistants for various tasks and enhances human-machine interaction.

Landbot AI

Landbot AI is a code-free chatbot creation tool.


Water is an AI-powered chatbot builder that allows users to easily create and deploy custom chatbots without coding.

Neon AI

The Neon AI platform enables developers to quickly build conversational AI applications and devices that understand, process, and generate responses in natural language, supporting a wide range of applications.