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Autojob is an AI tool that automates job search, applying to postings and organizing opportunities.


LazyApply is an AI job search tool that automates job applications, saving time and effort.


JobWizard is an AI job hunting tool that helps you find your dream job faster.


Juno helps product teams gain deep insights from user interviews 10x faster through automation and AI. AI tool streamlines job applications. User-friendly interface, cover letter generation, auto-submit feature. Save time, optimize applications.

Jobs Scout

AI job search tool Jobs-Scout analyzes job posts and resumes, offering insights to help users find their dream job quickly.


Liftoff is an AI-powered platform for technical interviews, offering diverse questions, solutions, and a collaborative community.

CareerHub AI is a platform that uses GPT technology to offer personalized career support, including career exploration, guidance, insights, and practical tools.

Preppally LinkedIn Description

Preppally’s Career Guidance AI helps users create a personalized elevator pitch for their LinkedIn profiles, boosting visibility and impact.