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AI Interior

AI Interior Pro is an AI tool for interior design inspiration in various styles and spaces.

Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer is an AI tool for creating unique designs with images and videos.

AI Wall Decor

AI tool “Hang Art Create” generates custom framed art based on user input, offering inspiration and keyword suggestions.

Luw AI AI tool for unlimited AI personas, quick pre-trained model, custom artwork prompts, and object manipulation. Transform sketches into masterpieces.


Dreamwalk: AI art tool for contests, challenges, and community events. Create stunning art, connect with artists, gain inspiration. Sign up free.


Socra: AI assistant for goal setting and achievement.


Outline AI, an AI writing assistant, aids in overcoming writer’s block and enhancing writing speed.


Dreamili is an AI writing app that generates sentences and stories, with language filters.


The LinkedIn Carousel Generator is a free tool for creating engaging carousel posts on LinkedIn.


Neutronfield is a platform for sharing, selling AI-generated text-to-image prompts across various themes.


AskThee is an AI tool that allows you to ask three questions to influential intellectuals, creatives, and researchers within 24 hours, supporting multiple languages and offering access to a range of iconoclasts.