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Stork: AI tool for hosting, summarizing, and sharing video meetings across various industries. Free account required.

Rejuve is an AI-powered, decentralized network that allows individuals to monitor health data, participate in longevity research, and


SommerAI, an AI tool partnered with NASA, provides companionship and problem-solving for mental health.

Lavo AI

The platform uses AI-accelerated atomic simulations for faster drug development in pharmaceutical companies.


Teacherbot is an AI tool that helps teachers create personalized lesson plans across various subjects.

Gita GPT

The Gita GPT AI Chatbot uses the Bhagavad Gita as a source to answer questions on various Krishna manifestations and offers other AI chatbot options for different purposes.


GetActyv is an AI-based health and fitness platform that enhances flexibility, strength, and weight loss through personalized programs and workouts, without the need for wearables, while ensuring safety and providing real-time feedback.


MikeAI is an AI fitness tool that creates personalized meal and exercise plans, offers a fitness chatbot, and functions as a personalized fitness coach.


Nara is an AI-powered nutritional assistant that offers personalized meal suggestions, dining-out guidance, and food delivery recommendations to help users maintain a healthy lifestyle, with a free trial and prioritized user privacy.


Onvi is an AI-powered health coach that provides personalized recommendations and monitors daily activities to improve health and performance.