Fast AI Essay Writer offers the Fast AI Essay Writer app, a multifunctional tool for students to improve their essay writing.


Opendream: AI art tool with 4 models. Create or modify images online, no server needed. Suitable for all, free with limits, paid plan for more features.


Gitmind is an AI-powered tool for mind mapping, flowchart creation, and whiteboarding. It promotes creativity and co-creation of ideas.

Sassbook AI Summarizer

Sassbook AI Text Summarizer: Advanced tool for high-quality summaries, customizable options, useful for academia, offers demo mode and API plan.


Mindpal: AI tool for interactive learning on YouTube, with note-taking, AI tutor support, quizzes, flashcards, and upcoming interactive book feature.


BloggerAI is an AI tool for blog writing, translation, and niche discovery, supporting multiple languages and offering bulk discounts.


AI Writer, an AI tool, aids in creating diverse content, overcoming writer’s block, and simplifying complex concepts.


Gistvid is an AI tool transforming videos into interactive educational resources, enhancing learning and productivity.

Mind Grasp

Mindgrasp swiftly generates precise notes and responses from various digital content sources.

DocGPT AI Writer for Docs

Docgpt – AI Writer Docs is an AI tool that enhances writing and optimizes SEO content.


Resoomer is a free platform offering in-depth text analysis and summaries, supporting multiple languages and browser integration.

Ubie AI Symptom Checker

Ubie is an AI tool that helps users identify potential causes of their symptoms.


Sourcely is an AI tool helping students and researchers find reliable sources for academic work.


Heyscienc’s Person AI Assist simplifies analysis of scientific research papers and offers pre-submission reviews.


The AI tool aids understanding of complex texts by providing organized summaries and questions.


Scite is a citation tool that categorizes context of citations to assess article evidence.


The AI tool assists in problem-solving, information gathering, content enhancement, and professional writing.

Connected Papers

An online platform for researchers and scientists to discover and examine relevant academic papers.


Researcher Rabbit is a platform offering tools and collaboration features for research paper exploration.


Wolfram Alpha is a platform offering computational solutions across various fields using Wolfram’s technology.