PDF AI saves time by extracting key points, providing explanations, and helping navigate through documents.

AI brain bank

AI Brain Bank: AI tool for fast, accurate retrieval of information from documents and PDFs. Ideal for customer support and business inquiries.


Create a ChatGPT-powered knowledge base in minutes, embed it into your website or use it in various messaging platforms.


Chatdoc is a reading assistant that provides instant answers with cited sources, extracts information from PDFs, and allows targeted questions.


Lateral.io: web app for researchers to read, organize, find, and share research. AI suggestions, time-saving, positive feedback.


GPT and LLMs allow private document interaction without internet, ensuring data security and confidentiality.


Odin AI is an artificial intelligence tool that provides real-time information, generates accurate responses, and boosts productivity across various industries.

Papers GPT

PapersGPT is a tool for utilizing data sources to provide GPT with tailored knowledge.

Slite – Ask

Ask by Slite is an AI tool that enables efficient search within team’s knowledge base.

Humata AI

Humata is an AI-powered tool for quickly accessing and analyzing data from various file types.


Whismer is an AI tool that allows users to create personalized AI chatbots without coding expertise by uploading documents, inserting links, and writing notes, and it also enables users to establish a professional AI knowledge base to find answers to inquiries, with the capability to easily share customized AI bots.


Chatur is an AI tool that analyzes and condenses chat PDFs, word documents, and PPTs.


ChatwithPDF is an AI tool that simplifies interactions with PDF documents, allowing users to engage with their digital documents through conversation-like interactions, extract vital information effortlessly, and gain insights without limitations or registration requirements.


BrainyPDF is an AI-powered tool that allows users to engage in conversation with PDF documents, providing assistance, summarizing content, and answering questions for students, researchers, and professionals in multiple languages, all for free, while securely storing files in the cloud.


Chatterdocs is an AI tool that creates customized chatbots to enhance support efficiency, lead generation, appointment scheduling, and customer experience.


Chatwithpdf is a plugin that allows users to upload and search PDF files, providing features like semantic search and data extraction based on user queries.


ChatNode is an AI chatbot builder that allows users to train ChatGPT using their own data, can be used internally for organizations, and revolutionizes customer support.


Docu-Talk allows you to easily upload documents, get quick responses, and improve document management efficiency.


Wonderchat is a user-friendly platform for creating personalized AI chatbots that can improve customer support and engagement.

Lxi AI

LXI.AI is a question answering solution using GPT-based AI that extracts relevant information from uploaded documents for a fee.