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Whismer is an AI tool that enables you to effortlessly construct personalized AI chatbots even without coding expertise. By utilizing Whismer, you have the ability to train ChatGPT by uploading documents, inserting links, and writing notes. It offers the convenience of uploading multiple file formats like .pdf, .doc, .csv, and .txt, and you can further customize your resources by including web links and notes.

The tool is specifically designed to actively learn from the tailored resources you provide, empowering it to effectively resolve various issues.

Furthermore, Whismer offers the capability to establish a professional AI knowledge base by incorporating a diverse range of resources. The AI will assimilate knowledge from this base, enabling it to assist you in finding answers to any inquiries you may have. Whismer opens up a world of possibilities for learning and sharing future information.

Additionally, you can easily share your customized AI bot with anyone. Whether it is for your team, client-based customer service AI, student-focused learning AI, or knowledge-sharing AI among friends, you can effortlessly disseminate your AI project with just a single click, making it accessible to those who require it.

Discover the immense power of Whismer and find a seamless approach to constructing personalized AI chatbots, ultimately unleashing the potential of AI within your workflow.


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