Free AI Detector

The Content Scale AI Detector identifies AI-generated content and helps create SEO-focused blog posts.

GPT Zero

GPTZero is an AI tool designed to detect plagiarism and identify human or AI-generated texts.


Copyleak is an AI-powered platform that detects plagiarism and identifies content, integrating seamlessly into existing systems.

ContentDetector.AI identifies AI-generated text, estimates its likelihood, counts words, and detects plagiarism for free.


The AI content detector tool uses machine learning to identify if text is human or AI-generated. is a free AI tool that identifies hate speech and profanity using advanced NLP techniques.

Copyleaks – Plagiarism detector

Copyleak is an AI tool that detects plagiarism in various languages and integrates with multiple platforms.


Gptkit is an AI tool that detects and categorizes text, offering six techniques with a 93% accuracy rate.

AI Detector Pro

AI Detector Pro identifies AI-generated text using updated algorithms and offers detailed reports and additional tools.

AI Plagiarism Checker offers an AI tool that detects AI-generated content and plagiarism, useful in academia, SEO, etc.


Illuminarty is an AI tool that detects AI-generated content, including images and texts, using computer vision and natural language.

AI Voice Detector

The AI Voice Detector is a tool designed to identify and filter out AI-generated voices, ensuring audio authenticity.

ZeroGPT Detector

ZeroGPT Detector is an AI-powered tool that accurately detects AI-generated content, used by various individuals globally.


Filtir is an AI tool that assists content authors with fact-checking and prioritizes user privacy.

AI Checker Tool

The AI Checker Tool accurately detects AI-generated content, supports multiple languages, and identifies potential plagiarism.


Checkforai is an AI tool that detects AI-generated content in written text to ensure authenticity.


Truebees is a detector designed to validate the authenticity of AI-generated portraits on social media, aiding in combating deepfakes.


The AI tool promotes human-created content and discourages over-reliance on AI-generated content.

AI Text Detector

The AI Text Detector identifies if a text is written by a human or AI for free.


Buster AI is a tool that detects and analyzes AI-generated text, aiding in plagiarism detection.