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“Read Less with AI” empowers users to stay informed effortlessly, countering digital addiction and information overload.


Gliastudio AI tool simplifies video creation, offers free trial, transforms articles into short summaries, automates text summarization.


AI newsletter & services for businesses to overcome challenges, gain insights, increase efficiency, automate processes, & drive innovation. Contact for more info.

Wordtune Read

Wordtun Read is an AI tool that quickly summarizes and simplifies lengthy documents from various sources.


Castpush is an AI-powered tool for instant article broadcasting and performance tracking across multiple channels.

Bladerunner is a browser plug-in that uses AI to detect bot-generated content and misinformation online.


Finclout uses AI to provide financial news and fosters a community of investors on various blockchains.

Recapit is an AI-powered news reporter that delivers personalized daily audio summaries via WhatsApp or Telegram.

Roshi AI

Roshi is an AI tool that helps teachers generate customized online news-based learning materials.

Daily Zaps

The website Daily Zaps reports on recent developments in the AI field and provides a solid directory of AI tools.

TWIML AI Podcast

The TWIML AI Podcast delivers the top minds and ideas from the space of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Marketing AI Institute

The newsletter provides expert tips and insights to help organizations plan, pilot, and scale marketing AI within their operations.

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VentureBeat is a leading tech news platform offering an AI newsletter.

The Rundown

The Rundown gives you the latest developments in AI before everyone else.

AI Leaders Podcast

Hear AI thought leaders address the latest trends, problems, and opportunities in the AI, data, and cloud industries.

The Turing Podcast

Data science, AI, and machine learning are all discussed on the Turing Podcast.

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This newsletter features the most important insights, news, content, and ways to make money with AI.

MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review provides a high-quality weekly newsletter every Monday morning, which demystifies AI.