is an advanced coding tool that automates coding tasks and enhances productivity.

Anysolve is an AI project that automates tasks, offers ready-to-use tasks, and allows customization.


Zigi is an AI tool for developers, streamlining task management across multiple apps.


Cue AI Tool helps developers build software faster with various tasks and features.


Sidechat is a fast AI tool for accessing OpenAI’s ChatGPT API with privacy and convenience.


Civitai: AI Art model repository with customizable options. Users can upload, browse, comment, and collaborate on shared models.

Ask Command

“Ask Command” is an AI Mac app using OpenAI’s GPT-3 to suggest optimal commands, reminding users of forgotten ones.


Bloop: AI tool for developers to discover internal APIs, reduce code duplication, and improve adoption. Open-source with free self-hosting.


Refract: AI-powered VS Code extension automates software development tasks, detects bugs, refactors code, and more. 10 free uses, login required.


TheNeo: AI tool for generating API docs with summaries, collaborative editing, language support, integration, automation, branding, and migration.


Cloudinary offers a user-friendly API and robust media library for developers and content creators.

Algorithm Rank Validator

The Algorithm Rank Validator is an AI tool for Twitter developers to optimize tweet performance.

Open Interpreter

Open Interpreter is an offline AI tool that executes code and offers a user-friendly interface.


Llmonitor is an AI tool that tracks requests, monitors user activity, and optimizes chatbots.

Steercode by LangChain

Steercode is an AI tool using LangChain to offer a chat AI assistant for code comprehension.


GPT Engineer is an open-source AI tool that allows users to customize code generation.


The AI tool is optimized for serverless environments, offering fast performance and compact module size.


ComfyUI on GitHub is a feature-rich GUI for designing and running diffusion pipelines easily.

Pezzo is an open-source AI toolkit for effective prompt design, collaboration, and troubleshooting.

Huggingface Spaces Semantic Search

Spaces Semantic Search is a tool for hugging face spaces, facilitating easy application discovery.