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Simple ML

Simpl ML Sheet: Google Sheets add-on for easy machine learning, data analysis, and predictions. No programming or data sharing required.

Jeda AI AI workspace for productivity with features like collaboration, data analysis, and infinite canvas. Boost creativity and business strategies.

Rath by Kanarie

Kanari AI: AI-powered data exploration tool with automation for analysis, visualization, and wrangling. Includes Graph Walker for easy data visualization. Join the Kanari community for support and updates.


Avatarifi, an AI tool, enables users to create unique avatars using selfies and prompts.

SQL Chat

SQL chatbot enhances conversations, stores data, remembers previous discussions, and allows follow-up corrections.

Speak Ai

Speak AI is a platform for analyzing language data, providing transcription, data analysis, and sentiment analysis functionalities.

Census GPT

CensusGPT simplifies access to census data, converting queries into SQL for researchers and economists.


Notabl is an AI-powered research platform that simplifies data gathering and evaluation for various research types.


Essens is an AI tool for product research, feedback analysis, and competitor analysis.

Minerva AI

Minerva is an AI research assistant for academics, capable of reviewing 200 million papers.


Mapdeduc is an AI tool that helps users understand complex documents and detect alarming phrases.


The AI generator, using GPT-3 and machine learning, creates diverse content based on user prompts.

Chat With Data is an AI tool that can easily extract insights from various data files and provide assistance in various scenarios.


Pandachat AI allows users to interact with data instantly and securely upload various file types, with intelligent search capabilities and integration with popular apps.

Owlbot is an AI-driven chatbot tool that maximizes data potential, integrating information from various sources, and offering customizable conversation supervision and language support, with different pricing tiers available.