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neoSVG is an AI-powered tool for creating stunning SVG text prompts effortlessly.

Iconify AI

Iconifyai is an AI tool that quickly designs professional app icons for commercial use.


Airbrush AI enables quick creation of unique stock photos, NFTs, and art.


AutoDraw is a free AI drawing tool by Google that suggests drawings based on machine learning.

Masterpiece Studio

AI tool simplifies 3D model generation, editing, and deployment, empowering users and creating economic opportunities.

AI Reality

AI Realiti is an accessible tool for learning, creating, and augmenting reality using AI.


Khroma is an AI color tool that creates limitless palettes and provides color information.

Rayst Gradients

Rayst is a website with 64 AI-generated gradients, customizable for designers and creatives.


Artbreed is a free AI tool for creating collages and collaborating with artists.

3D Prompt

Create stunning 3D images and models with text prompts using 3D Prompt AI tool. Enhance visual storytelling and bring creative ideas to life.

QRX Codes

QRX Codes: AI-powered tool for creating artistic QR codes that are visually appealing, functional, and compatible with all readers.


Introducing Beddy, an AI bedtime story maker for kids. Personalize stories, enjoy soothing narration, and captivating illustrations. Upgrade for more magic.

Draw is an AI tool for generating image-based sketches with various themes and art styles, using Leap’s Remix API.

Exactly AI Advanced image generation platform using machine learning to replicate artists’ styles, creating unique high-quality images in seconds.

Midjourney Prompt Builder

The Midjourney Prompt Generator v5: a versatile tool for custom prompts, perfect for artists, writers, and creators. Sign up for daily prompt ideas.


Roughly: an AI tool for creating stunning artwork, suitable for beginners and professionals in various industries.


QRCraft transforms QR codes into captivating art, attracting attention and setting you apart.

Stable Animation

Stability AI launches Stable Animation SDK, a powerful text-to-animation tool for developers, offering advanced diffusion models.

My Waifus AI tool for creating and exploring safe waifus. Epic image quality, new characters weekly, live feed, exclusive benefits.


Recraft: AI tool for generating vector art and 3D images. Customize visuals, achieve high-quality prints, and join a vibrant community.