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Dubverse is an AI-powered text-to-speech tool offering diverse voiceovers, subtitles, collaboration, and expert language support.


Create and edit human-quality audio like a document, without a mic or studio.


Descript’s Overdub is a text-to-speech tool that creates realistic voice clones and offers editing services.


Listnr is an AI text-to-speech tool with over 900 voices, offering audio editing and podcast hosting.


Earkind is an AI tool that generates personalized podcasts using text-to-speech and programmatic audio editing.


Voxify is an AI tool that generates customizable, multilingual, and emotive voice-overs quickly and affordably.

Unreal Speech

Unreal Speech is a cost-effective, scalable text-to-speech API tool with superior audio quality.

Ai Sofiya

AiSofiya is a tool for creating Facebook ads, generating natural text, and converting text to speech.


Steosvoic is an AI tool providing neural voice technology for content creation, with extensive user base and voice options.


Voicemaker® is a tool that converts written text into spoken words.


Blakifi’s text-to-speech tool offers 700+ voices in 70 languages for various applications with lifetime access.


Article Audio is an AI tool that converts texts into multilingual, natural-sounding audio files.


Audioread allows you to listen to any text content through your preferred device for free.

Celebrity Voice Changer AI

Celebrity Voice Changer AI is an app that uses AI to mimic celebrity voices for various purposes.


TTSMaker is a free, unlimited-use online text-to-speech tool supporting multiple languages and commercial use.


Voicepods is a service that uses AI to convert text, audio, and video into high-quality, customizable audio content.

Narration Box

Narrat Box is a user-friendly, text-to-speech AI tool for creating various audio content, featuring realistic voices.


Generate and download natural-sounding audio content in 80+ languages with a click.

Apple Books

Apple Books offers a seamless and aesthetically pleasing reading experience on iPhone and iPad.

Ad Auris

Ad Auris Play offers narrations from popular publications for accessible audio storytelling anytime, anywhere.