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Taskheat AI Assistant

Taskheat is a visual to-do list tool with flowcharts, reminders, and task delegation.

Silly Robot Cards

AI greeting card generator with customizable designs, vegan-friendly, sustainable materials, and worldwide shipping options.


Nexus: AI navigator for efficient network navigation, offering insights, assistance, and personalized suggestions for relationship management.

Obituary Writer

This AI tool quickly crafts personalized obituaries using basic information about the deceased.

Message Generator Olivia

Use Olivia, a powerful tool, to effortlessly create impactful, heartfelt messages in multiple languages.


Unishap is a social AI avatar tool for creating and interacting with digital personas, sharing content, and minting tokens.

Engage AI

Engag AI is an AI tool that optimizes LinkedIn engagement and provides post analytics.


LinkoAI is an AI tool that enhances LinkedIn engagement by generating personalized messages and posts.


Epic Music Quiz is a free tool for creating custom music video quizzes with AI-generated questions.