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QR Diffusion

QR Diffusion is an AI-powered QR code generator that creates visually appealing and functional codes.

AI-Powered QR code

QRCodeFox is an AI-powered tool for creating customized QR codes for various purposes.


QRArt is an AI tool for creating customized and visually appealing QR codes for free.


AI tool creates stunning designs for posters, websites, business cards, flyers, banners, and invitations.


Revolutionize email marketing with’s AI tools and vast B2B database.


QRCraft transforms QR codes into captivating art, attracting attention and setting you apart.

QRX Codes

QRX Codes: AI-powered tool for creating artistic QR codes that are visually appealing, functional, and compatible with all readers.


AI tool generates unique art, offers tutorials for music videos using text-to-image models. No marketing fluff or pricing info. Created Oct 11, 2022.

Super Prompt

Super Prompt: AI tool on Twitter for creating galleries of stunning AI art, including images and animations. No marketing or pricing details.


AI tool creates market assets, brand content, product photography in seconds. Offers prompt recommendations, custom mood boards. Join waitlist.


AI-powered presentation software creates visually appealing slides, generates layouts, turns stories into presentations. Free trial available. Copyright reserved.


Styliz: AI tool for virtual product staging, offers free sign-up, advanced editing options, and helps sellers convert more buyers.

Mokker AI AI-powered website for photo editing, marketing. Background replacement, photo shoots, and quick product image generation.

Systeme simplifies launching an online business with features like funnel builder, email marketing, website builder, and more.

Copymatic is a writing tool that is powered by AI and makes it easy for users to create high-quality content.

Novus Writer

Novus Writer, an AI tool, swiftly creates accurate written and visual content, ensuring reliability.


Generate SEO content quickly and easily with NeuralText’s advanced AI for marketing copy and blogs.

Press Monkey

Press Monkey, an AI PR tool, writes and distributes releases to over 2,500 outlets.

Weezy is an AI tool that quickly generates diverse marketing copy, ideal for marketers and entrepreneurs. uses AI to streamline SEO tasks, improve content, and boost rankings in 50+ languages.